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Help Us Navigate Their Emergency Return

Hunter's Law: The effective legal remedy for child abduction. 

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N avigate

T heir

E mergency

R eturn 

95 % of kidnappings are committed by parents or other relatives, and or corrupt public officials and government agencies. There is currently nothing a "left behind parent" can do to prevent their child from being kidnapped, even less that can be done to secure their prompt return. 

Hunter's Law would require that ALL kidnapping/missing children cases including the 95% committed by family  members, are investigated by federal law-enforcement, and ALL alleged kidnapped/missing children are entered into national missing children databases and thoroughly investigated, regardless of alleged custody orders or restraining orders against a "left behind parent". 

Hunter's Law would also require 100% compliance with the international treaty of The Hague convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. It would require administrative authorities of the requested state to order the immediate return of kidnapped children within the first 24 hours of their abduction.

It would require that criminal charges be laid against the taking parent and anyone aiding and abetting the kidnapping,  including public officials, attorneys, law enforcement and judges acting under color of law, and that immediate interim custody orders  be granted to the "left behind" parent,  so that their rights of custody and victims rights are protected at the habitual residence of their child. 

Hunter's Law would require that international arrest warrants for the kidnappers and pick up warrants for the children be enforceable around the world through Interpol countries.

Hunter's Law would also require that any attempt to abuse Hunter's Law to commit fraud on the court to maliciously deprive a lawful custodian of their rights of custody and access would result in immediate and criminal penalties to anyone involved in the fraud.

Hunter's law  would grant immunity to those willing to cooperate with the return of the kidnapped children to the habitual residence with the understanding that custody matters would continue in federal court in the habitual residence of the child. 

The habitual residence would be determined by federal law-enforcement after conducting a thorough investigation within the first few hours of the kidnapping.

All alleged defenses against the return would be thoroughly investigated and anyone attempting to obstruct justice and commit perjury will be punished according to the law. 

All allegations of domestic violence and child abuse will be taken very seriously and alleged victims will be protected and each allegation thoroughly investigated. Anyone who maliciously deprives a lawful custodian of their rights of custody and access 

(with a preponderance of evidence) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for criminal harassment and child abduction.

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  • Minister of Justice and Attorney General, British Columbia
    David Eby
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    Justin Trudeau
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