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Hunter's Law: The Effective Legal Remedy for child abduction

Hunter's Law: the effective legal remedy


Child Abduction is a Federal Violent Crime against both the kidnapped child and the "left behind parent" and must be reported to FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT and Parent and Child Rights Advocates for a thorough investigation. 


MANDATORY reporting of all alleged cases of missing/ exploited/ kidnapped/ abducted/ alienated children must be entered into Federal law enforcement databases regardless of alleged restraining orders against a "left behind parent"/guardian. 


ALL cases of child abduction/ kidnapping /alienation /exploitation /missing children  malicious deprivation of custody and denial of access must be investigated by federal law enforcement who are specially trained in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CHILD ABUSE and CIVIL RIGHTS.


Child abduction is an extreme form of child abuse and domestic violence. Victim's of this form of abuse must be recognized as being victims of a Federal Violent Crime.


Federal Law Enforcement must provide appropriate VICTIM SERVICES for Victim's of child abduction, including domestic violence counselling, grief counselling, financial and legal aid. Children must receive immediate intervention by NGO CHILD and Parental Rights Advocacy SERVICES to assess their emotional and physical welfare. The goal is to ascertain the best interest of the child, and restore the child's life to the pre-wrongful abduction "status quo". 


The moment a child is abducted, Federal Law enforcement must investigate and INTERIM SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY ORDERS must be automatically granted to the "left behind parent". This must be done pursuant to a Criminal Warrant for the arrest of the taking parent, and a "pick up" warrant for the kidnapped child. The goal must always be to return the child in 24 hours or less. 

In the event of a child wrongfully taken by Child Protective Services or any other type of abuse of authority, or by a complete stranger, the goal is always the same: investigate and bring the child home immediately. Every hour that goes by is harmful to the wellbeing of the child and left behind parent. 



In the event allegations are made against the "left behind parent" these will be investigated immediately by federal law enforcement. Children will not languish in foster care or with abusers who falsely accuse their spouse. False allegations will be taken extremely seriously and dealt with instantly.  Perjury and fraud punished immediately according to the law. In particular, judges and attorneys that perpetrate the fraud and denial of due process and equal  protection will be held accountable for their actions in family courts as they pertain to the destruction of childrens lives and the willful participation in the relentless abuse of domestic violence victims. These will be held civilly liable and LBP's will not be expected to seek to recover these damages on their own. The willful and reckless violation of parents' and children's civil rights is not a harmless error and victims will be compensated for the suffering they endure as a result of the misconduct and negligence.


All intentional acts of fraud and perjury for the willful, intentional, malicious deprivation  of a parent's rights of custody and access to their child will be regarded as prosecutorial evidence of that person's intent to kidnap and abduct a child. 


All fraud on the court, collusion, and intentional misconduct by anyone will be considered prosecutorial evidence against those involved in the aiding and abetting of a kidnapping.


Everyone involved in the kidnapping of a child will be held criminally responsible for their part in the commission of this crime. This includes; family member, friends, "nannies", attorneys, judges, law enforcement, public officials.


Ignorance of the law is not a defence against the Federal Crime of kidnapping and child abduction. 


Federal Crime victims having endured the trauma related to parental child abduction and kidnapping, must all receive justice, compensation and victim's support services, in order to cope and recover from the impact of these crimes from the onset and throughout the process. The goal must be to promptly return kidnapped children to reduce the impact of this crime and the overall toll it takes on the lives of its victims, the endless costs of recovery (end the business of government sanctioned human trafficking).

ENFORCEMENT OF CIVIL DAMAGES and persistent non-compliance

CIVIL DAMAGES (Domestic and International)

 1) Third-parties found to have submitted falsehoods to legal authorities or harboring of kidnapped children are subject to civil consequences such as treble damages, forfeiture of assets to remedy harm and assumption of all related debt (legal bills, travel, document submissions, etc..) of LBP. 

CIVIL DAMAGES (International)

2) Taking country is responsible to pay all awarded damages to LBP within 30 days and must collect them from their citizen; not the responsibility of LBP to collect civil damages from taking parent in foreign country. 3) Failure to return child(ren) in time frame, triggers permission for LBP and LBP's government to effect the return by any means necessary, regardless of local laws or mores. Any interference by taking country to prevent return is considered a violation of Hunter's Law that further authorizes LBP and LBP's country to use military personnel and equipment without regard for property damage or restitution. 4) If taking country claims to not know the whereabouts of taken child(ren), LBP and LBP's country have permission to enter country, locate, and return child(ren) without any interference from taking country. The taking country will provide full support whenever possible in good faith to aid in the recovery and pay for the damages caused by the crime committed against visitors in their country. 

International Child Abduction Penalty Against Foreign Country Aiding and Abetting Fugitives.

5)  $1 million per week sanctions against the Foreign Country that aids and abets the fugitives. $100,000 of that goes directly to the LBP to recover the damages caused by the kidnapping. Immediate intervention by heads of state. All local and foreign public officials found guilty of corruption will be held accountable for their part in the furtherance of the unlawful transportation of children by force threat of force or fraud, in interstate and foreign commerce under the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.